Nook Color Wallpapers

How To Change Wallpaper To Your Nook Color

Barns & Noble Nook Color

To change your Nook Color's Wallpaper is as easy as pie! Just follow the simple instruction below.

Our wallpapers are already optimized for the native Nook Color's resolution and they are ready to go, so you won't have to crop or resize them!


Connect your Nook Color to your pc through the USB cable browse through the folder My Files > Wallpapers and copy our wallpapers into it, then securely disconnect your Nook.


Tap and hold down your finger on the Nook home screen. This will reveal a dialog allowing for the changing of the wallpaper as well as the cleaning of the home screen.


Browse the wallpaper in the 'Wallpaper' tab of your Nook Color and tap on the image you've just copied.


Enjoy your new wallpaper! :)  



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