Nook Color Wallpapers

Possibly Asked Questions (PAQ)


Well, nobody ever asked us anything... But we thought that maybe you don't know that you want to ask us something... so we created a section which answers to questions you didn't even know to have!

Cool, huh?

Question #1: Who on earth are you?

Hey, that's a good question! We are a graphic design and web development company, the Morello Agency...


Question #2: Why this website?

Hmm... because we bought nooks like you folks did and we wanted some new wallpaper for our devices... We googled, as you probably did too, "Nook Color Wallpapers" (cause we are lazy and we wanted them ready to go) and... surprise! There was no website with wallpapers for nook color! The rest is history... we just made our own!


Question #3: Why are the wallpapers free? I mean... are they free?!?

Yes, they are free, of course! We keep this project running through the advertising, which we hope you find useful to get to know new and interesting products to buy!


Question #4: Why there is no wallpaper with naked chicks or like this one?

Right, you noticed it... Well because we are sure you can find chunks of skin a little bit everywhere on the internet and, well, about the sample above... We designed this website for Nook users, people of culture, maybe young, maybe funny (we are funny too... aren't we?), maybe with a free spirit... I mean do you really want the 'Crapping Colors' image in the sample there? You can have it... right click and save image as... but that's about the only one of that kind here... the other hundreds are made to exalt the cool nook's color display and to give a little piece of emotion and personality to your every day device...


Question #5: I want to upload my wallpapers, may I?

You sure may. Just go on 'Upload Your Wallpapers' and click on 'Request an activation code', then type your valid email in the box and click submit... Wait a little... Wait another little bit... ok, check your email and click on the link our system sent you to activate your email.
Now go back to 'Upload Your Wallpapers' and this time click on 'I have an active email'... type the email you previously activated and... BOOM... you are in, have fun and upload your creations!


Question #6: Why do you guys ask me for my email?

First of all because the first part of your email (like for example "john.smith" in the email will be used to identify the uploader's name, and also because it's like a sort of insurance for us... We promise, we will never use your emails for our dirty commercial, but still we would like to contact those nice guys who uploaded a blank image with a 'sh*t' in the middle...


Question #7: I own a business! I would like to put my advertising on your website, but how many people will see it? How much does it cost? Can I do it now? ...

Wait wait wait... hold on... One question at the time. You guys are a lot every day (and we love you) if you want a detailed analysis of the visits you can fill this form and we will send you all the documentation about page views, visits and everything you could find useful to evaluate the chance to advertise with us... answering the other questions, it's very cheap to advertise with us... we have plans starting from 10-15 bucks a month!


Question #8: Why your logo is a Chameleon?

For two reasons: 1) the chameleon changes color as you change the wallpaper of your nook.... 2) That is the graphic version of our sweet Penelope, a Veiled Chameleon which along with her husband Homer is our lucky charm!


Question #9: Ok, I'm bored, are we done yet?

Ahem... yes, that was pretty much it... thanks for reading us and thanks to be here, enjoy!



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