Nook Color Wallpapers

Meet Skynet

We understand that not everyone is experienced with photoshop or knows about photo editing... Altough everybody has the desire to personalize his/her Nook with new wallpapers... Not only that! What if you would like to put your girlfriend, husband or kids as background and of course you don't want to share them with thousands of people online?

Well we thought of you and we created Skynet... or Wallpaperizator 2000 as its friends call it... You will have to simply upload the image you want to wallpaperize and Skynet will take care of it for you!

Isn't that crazy...? Yes... sometimes Skynet could be lazy... and Cranky.. especially when a user make a mistake but hey, he is always an Artificial Intelligence in the end... It's just a little... moody...



Skynet is currently in beta testing... which means, among the other things, that everybody can use it to make their own wallpapers... We ask you to tell us if it gets annoying, if it doesn't behave or if it simply doesn't do its job...


What? Did you already hear the name Skynet? No, it's not possible... He comes from the future...


skynetLet's start human... How do you like that?



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